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Welcome to the Conservative Hispanics of America's Official Website and our Documents Center. Over the years our staff has provided official testimony as expert witnesses before the U.S. Congress and State Legislatures as well as released important reports on a variety of important public issues. We've also compiled important government documents. We will continue to post more as they become available.

2014 - Andy Ramirez' Exclusive TNA Story on DHS/Congress Collusion for Amnesty" (Released June 9 2014)-NEW

2013 - Andy Ramirez' Letter Denouncing the "DHS Border Surge" (Released July 2013)

2013 - Andy Ramirez' Letter Opposing Shamnesty744 to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on behalf of TheLEOAC (Released June 2013)

2013 - Conservatives' Letter: Opposing S-744, Senate Shamnesty or as I call it, U.S. Immigration Capitulation Act of 2013 (Published May 20, 2013)

2013 - Al Garza's Commentary: Politically Correct Terminology (Released April 3, 2013)

2012 - Al Garza's Commentary: America at War, the Battle Within (Released October 15, 2012)

2012 - The New American Magazine presents: Former Border Patrol Union President Indicted for Fraud; Similar Abuses Ignored by DHS by Andy Ramirez (Published August 20, 2012)

2011 - The New American Magazine presents: War on the Border Patrol by Andy Ramirez (Published July 4, 2011)

2011 - The New American Magazine presents: Project Gunrunner by Andy Ramirez (Cover Story, Published June 6, 2011)

2009 - Alternatives for the U.S. Should Mexico Face the Worst Case Scenario by Glynn Custred, Ph.D., Published August 17, 2009

2008 - Unjustifiable & Impeachable, Report on DHS, DOJ, and the courts; November 11, 2008

2008 - Andy's Fall 2008 Commentary - We the Disenfranchised, which talks about how voters being taken for granted

2008 - House Ethics Committee Complaint against Congressman Silvestre Reyes; Filed July 14,2008

2008 - Executive Summary of the War on Law Enforcement, FOBP National Conference, June 8, 2008 - Houston, TX

2008 - FOBP National Conference Official Report, June 08, 2008 - Houston, TX

2008 - The Brian Israel Story - March 07, 2008, Swanton, VT

2007 - War on Law Enforcement Presser - Washington, DC
April 24, 2007

2007 - Andy Ramirez Congressional Testimony of March 8, 2007 - Washington, DC Homeland Security Hearing

2006 - Andy Ramirez Congressional Testimony of August 17, 2006 - El Paso, TX Judiciary Field Hearing

2006 - Andy Ramirez Congressional Testimony of July 06, 2006 - San Diego, CA Terrorism Subcommittee Field Hearing

2006 - Executive Summary of San Diego Congressional Testimony - by Andy Ramirez

2006 - Conservatives Letter to President Bush

2006 - Read Mexico, A State of Siege.

2006 - Governor needs border knowledge - A Commentary by Andy Ramirez

2006 - Bordering on a War Zone, An Interview with Andy Ramirez
Ramirez describes the perilous situation along the Mexican border, and discusses Mexican Military Incursions Published by The New American Magazine

2006 - Glynn Custred's Report on Immigration Law Enforcement - Issued by Friends of the Border Patrol

2006 - DHS Testimony re: Border Security including Remote Video Surveillance (RVS) Cameras Presented by DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner - Issued by the Department of Homeland Security

2006 - USGSA Testimony re: RVS Audit - Presented by Deputy Inspector General Joel Gallay, Issued by the U.S. General Services Administration

2006 - Bush-Fox-Martin Meeting Transcript - Read the Transcript from their Waco, Texas meeting (03-25-05).

2006 - Read the Action Plan Between DHS & Mexico, March 2006 as signed by Secretary Chertoff.

2006 - Read the US Borders with Mexico and Canada After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11th, 2001. A Comparative View.

2006 - Cheese & Crackers Border Profile article by Glynn Custred

2006 - The Hurricane Katrina Field Memo - Published by the DHS Customs and Border Protection Agency

2006 - Read Mexico's Wasted Chance by Fredo Arias King.

2005 - Read A New Border Vision for Trade Along the US-Mexico Border -Border Legislative Conference El Paso, TX.

2005 - Read the report on the Mexican Workshop by The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Inc. from 2005.

2005 - Read this report by the Department of State Status on Border Security Initiatives.

2005 - Read the Congressional Research Service Report - Border Security and the Southwest Border.

2005 - Nogales, AZ Tour Report of April 2005.pdf

2005 - Waco 2005 Trilateral Meeting of G.W. Bush, Fox (Mexico), and Martin (Canada)

2005 - Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Fact Sheet. Read the basis of SPP.

2005 - DHS Testimony re: Border Security - Presented by DHS Assistant Secretary Stewart Verdary (Border and Trans. Security), Issued by DHS

2004 - The Infamous Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Issued by the DHS's CBP and ICE agencies

2004 - The National Border Patrol Strategy - Issued by the Department of Homeland Security

2004 - TIME Magazine's OPEN DOOR Article Read the article by TIME that showed how exposed our borders are

2004 - The Non Disclosure Agreement or Gag Order. Read the actual agreement that employees at DHS were required to sign

2003 - The Non Disclosure Agreement or Gag Order. Read the actual agreement that employees at DHS were required to sign


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