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Our Mission

Our Mission: Created in 2013, our primary objective is to educate the public as to the concerns of the Conservative Hispanics. We follow not only the Rule of Law, but the U.S. Constitution. We deplore the propaganda presented by the left who would replicate in the United States what many ancestors sought to escape in emigrating legally to America.

Our Principles

Our basic tenets and positions are as follows:

Educate the Public About Conservative Hispanic Issues
Defeat Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and Visa Overstays
Encourage the Rejection of Public Poverty Lifestyles Including Welfare
Encourage Hispanics to Reject Continued Corruption by Governments in their Ancestral Lands who keep their people impoverished, under-educated, and who suffer from injustice
Demand U.S. Government Cease Financially Supporting Corrupt Hispanic Nations
Demand Foreign Governments Cease Meddling in U.S. Domestic Affairs
We promote the integration and assimilation of all people who legally reside in the USA and make America their home
We encourage full participation of all citizens in our Democratic Republican form of government and full loyalty to our founding documents and God-given rights


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