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Welcome to the Conservative Hispanics of America's Official Website and our Issues Center. We have begun posting content on this page, which will remain a work in progress. We invite you to check back for updates and information.

Mexico's Primary Insurgents - Al Garza & Andy Ramirez' Commentary: La Raza - Camouflaged Under Guise of Civil Rights (Released July 8, 2013) - NEW

Impoverished Country? NOT! - Mexico IS Rich - Mexican Wealthy Play American Taxpayers for Suckers!!! (Unknown)

SW Border Insurgency - Al Garza's Commentary: Mexican Insurgency (Released April 2, 2013)

Aztlan, Mexico's Greatest Hoax - Al Garza's Commentary: Aztlanderos - A Deluded & Dangerous Brotherhood (Published by The Christian News, November 2012)


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